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Class Levels & Dress Code

Class Policies:

  • Dancers, Level 1 and up, must be registered for a Ballet class in order to take Jazz, Contemporary or Modern. 

  • Ballet teachers will make the recommendation to take pre pointe or pointe classes

  • if your dancer is an older beginner, please contact the office for appropriate class placements. 

  • If your dancer is required to take two ballet classes, they should take their required Level and the level below them.(For Example:  If your child is in level 4, they should take Ballet 4 and Ballet 3)  They may only take the level above them if they are already taking their current level and the level below. 


ADW Class Dress Code

Creative Ballet/

2 and 3 year olds

Girls: Leotard (Any Color)

Skirt (Optional)

Pink Tights

PInk Ballet shoes

Boys: Gym Shorts (Any Color)

Plain colored t-shirt

Black Ballet or Jazz shoes



Leotard (Any Color)

Ballet skirt (Optional)

Pink Tights

Pink ballet shoes


Hip- Hop:

Pants or gym shorts 

Tank or T-shirt

Sneakers (No bare feet)



Leotard or Tank

Dance Shorts, leggings, or tights

Tan Jazz Shoes



Leotard or Tank

Dance shorts, leggings or tights

Barefeet, Foot undeez or tan jazz shoes 

(Per teacher recommendation)



Leotard or Tank

Dance Shorts, leggings, or tights 

Black Tap Shoes 


Each dancer's hair should be neatly and appropriately pulled back from their face or be in a slicked back ballet bun it updo. 

ADW is mindful of each dancer's style and texture of hair as long as the hair complies with the policy above.

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