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and Financial Aid

Alabama Dance Works a 501-c3 non- profit and it is our mission to make sure dance is accessible to all.


In an effort to make sure dance can be affordable, our tuition runs on a sliding scale. If you are in need of financial tuition assistance, please contact the office for a tuition plan that fits your families needs. 

We also aim to provide financial aid each season. Our tuition scholarship application is due August 1st to be considered for the 2024-2025 class season. 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% tuition scholarships are awarded based on financial need and a dancers commitment/potential! 

Tuition Policies:

  • Parents are responsible for tuition payments for the entire school year starting August 12, 2024 unless the child is withdrawn from the class. 

  • Withdrawals are processed in writing. please deliver an email to by the 15th of the month for billing to stop the following month. 

  • The tuition rate is for the entire season. It is not based on the number of classes during a month, but on the entire duration of our season. Some months will have more/fewer classes, but tuition charges remain the same. No refunds or deductions are given if a student misses a class for any reason. Makeup classes are available for missed lessons.

  • Tuition is billed monthly. It is posted on the 1st of each month and due on the 10th. 

  • Monthly Withdrawal: Monthly tuition and fees will be charged to the credit card on file on the 10th of each month. 

  • If you sign up for Auto Pay or “Monthly Withdrawal”of any kind: tuition, costumes, and. administrative fees, will also be automatically drafted from your card on file. 

  • Regardless of your status as a “self paid” or a “monthly withdrawal” account, a credit card must be saved to your account.

  • A 10% tuition discount will be provided for the 2nd and 3rd child registered in your family. The 4th child and beyond will have a 50% discount. (Discounts and tuition waivers do not count towards costumes or other administrative fees.)

  • A 3% service charge is added to all credit card transactions. 

  • If your account is not set up as a monthly withdrawal and tuition has not been paid by the 10th, your card will be charged for the full amount owed as well as a late fee of $15.00 on the 11th of the month. 

  • Self Paid accounts: you may log into your parent portal to pay or pay with cash or check in the office. 

  • If not already prepaid, all recital costume balances will be withdrawn from the card on file on 10/10.

Other Studio Fees

Registration fees  

  • $50 Per Dancer * includes T-shirt* : Registration fees will be automatically charged to the card on file at the time of registration. If your card is declined, you will be placed on the class’s waiting list until payment is made. 

Late fees

  • $15.00 will be added to all accounts with a remaining balance on the 11th of each month


Recital Costumes: 

  • Due October 10th

  • $80.00 for Individual costumes 

  • $100.00 for combo costumes 

Drop Fee:

  • A $15.00 drop fee will be added to your account if you drop a class after September 30th. 


Returned Check or NSF Fee: $38.00


Recital Administrative Fee:

  • $50/dancer:  Due February 10th  

  • Covers Recital venue rental and staffing of recital, includes a digital video of recital 2023!


Please contact the office for more information. We will be closed for Labor Day, MLK Day,  Thanksgiving,  Christmas, and Spring Break. The ADW Studio follows the Dothan City Schools Calendar. This also  includes and inclement weather closures that may occur.

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